Last day in New Zealand :/

I had packed so much action into my first few days in Queenstown, so I wanted my last few days to be laid back. I went out one night with two of my roommates, John and David from the US. We went to the pizza joint called Winnie’s that apparently turns into a club at night. It did not disappoint! Music was great and everyone was dancing on the floor and tables. They had a contest for “couples” so John and I pretended we were together so we could enter. It was the most hilarious game ever! You had to either hold the guy on your back, he holds you like a baby or you had to sit on his back. We were beating everyone but in the last round John didn’t listen to the cue and suddenly we were out :/ He takes full blame. lol. There was a “pub crawl” at Winnie’s and they were about to leave so we just followed them, figured they knew the fun spots. We made it into the next bar with them before we got caught. They said we could still join them, but just couldn’t participate in the free drinks. Fair enough.

The next day I hung out by the beach and then walked around some of the art galleries. I also had a day where I hiked the Ben Lommand trail, eight hours round trip. I ended up turning around early because it was way too hot and my knees were killing me, so it only took me four. After that, I took a nap and had some fish & chips. I don’t usually order fish because sometimes I don’t like it, but I ate the whole thing! I was planning on doing another hike the next day but was way too sore. In order to avoid using my legs I rented a scooter and went to an old gold mining town called Arrowtown. They converted all of the old mining homes to little shops and hotels. I walked down the stream where they used to pan for gold but didn’t have any luck. There was one false alarm, but it was just the gold polish on my fingernails.

Highlight: Bungy Jump in Queenstown and Piha Beach in Auckland.

Lowlight: No actual lowlight.

Things I learned: Queenstown is very expensive, looking forward to exchange rates in Bali. I also think I may like mountains better than oceans. Or maybe I just like both equally. I learned that adrenaline is addicting. I learned that renting a car is a great way to get around but not knowing the rules makes you 16 again.

Things I wish I had: A couch. Sitting in my bed gets old! Another pair of shorts. And a second pillow. I could list a lot of things here, but none of them I actually am missing that bad. Its funny how you can get by with so much less.

Missed opportunity: Probably not seeing one more city, like Wellington or planning a overnight hike.

Would I come back: 100%. I’d love to come back here on a trip that was just to go hiking here and then end the trip with the Nevis bungy. I’d also love to come back with family and friends as I think they need to visit here.


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Up Next: Bali

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