Road Trip to Costa Brava.

I woke up early to take the metro train to where I would pick up my rental car. I got a brand of car I had never heard of, but it seemed to be popular in Spain. I loved being back in the drivers seat of a car! It was nice to sit, listen to music and enjoy a solitary drive. The drive was beautiful through the country side! Rolling hills, flowers, and occasionally a castle on the top of a hill. I enjoyed picturing that I was in Game of Thrones traveling through the Targaryen lands (that would be regionally accurate).

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Gracias for the walking tour.

I joined the walking tour again today since yesterday’s was so great. It was in a different area too, called Graçia. We visited more of Gaudí’s work such as La Pedrera and Casa Batlló, which was equally impressive and always had interesting facts behind it. We also walked along the Passeig de Graçia (full of all of the fancy shopping) and learned the history behind it as well. Our guide, Alberto, would often have us act out scenes that took place in history which made it fun. He also compared historical figures to who they might be like today, for example, one family was so wealthy, pretty and popular that they would have been the Kardashians of back then.




Next, we went inside the “chocolate house” which looked nothing like chocolate, but they made it there. Along the way he pointed out the requirements to build during the Catalan Art Nouveau (modernism) which were including: nature, color and iron. These houses definitely stood out from the others, and one of them was even decorated in roses in preparation for Sant Jordi day where women get a rose and men get a book (ahhh the pre-tinder days, so romantic)…I leave that day 😦




Lastly, we went to an old theater which was converted into a couple restaurants, the design of it was super trendy, yet included many antiques, including the original bathroom.



While everything is interesting and beautiful to look at, understanding the reasoning behind them is so much better. After the tour ended, I went and did my inside tour of the Segrada Familia (did you know that Darth Vaders helmet was inspired by the helmets used on the soldiers on this church?). I did the audio portion which was not only informative, but set to music and made the experience so much more emotional and impactful.

I rested for a bit before heading over to the coast to check out the beach. I stopped for dinner (a salad, finally) and then met up with Wilbert and Joris to watch a Castell being built (human tower). We circled around trying to find it when we realized that it was indoors and a private, media only event. Instead, we walked to the beach and sat with some wine until the sun went down and it was too cold to stay any longer. The group was going to eat at La Pepita, but by the time I made it back to the hostel I was too tired to go out again and not hungry anyway.


I landed in Barcelona and took the metro to my hostel which was super easy. I really like the area I’m in and my first impression is that I like Barcelona better than Madrid. I dropped my bags off and actually went to go find a manicure because my nails were awful (I peeled the polish off while waiting for my bag to come out, it was last.. I walked around some more and then came back to join the communal dinner. I sat with a guy from Belgium, another from Holland and a girl from New York. After dinner we continued to play cards with some others before we all went on the night tour (a fancy way of saying bar crawl). I enjoyed the group I was with, but I didn’t really like the first bar. The second one was okay because we could play foosball, and the third we skipped out on because we were tired and had a big day tomorrow. My favorite question of the night was from Joris, who asked why so many of the girls were just wearing big bras out (they had crop tops on). LOL. Before going home, we stopped at McDonalds because Danielle compares McDonalds in every country she visits. We had fun hearing the Dutch say hamburger and laughing at drunk people trying to get into the bathroom that needed a code.

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The last (9pm) Supper (in Madrid).

This morning I met the Australians and my new roommate from China for breakfast (the hostel breakfast was decent, cheap and mostly easy, but I really wish it had eggs). Orignally, the group from yesterday was going to do Toledo today, but everyone kind of decided against it and instead we made plans to meet up at Buen Retiro Park.

I knew the park was huge, but I didn’t expect it to be SO huge. I could have been lost (good lost) in there for days. It also was well maintained and clean. We basically just took a slow pace stroll around the park. Stopping at the lake to watch people paddle boat, stopping for a cafe, stopping to look at beautiful greenery, stopping at the crystal palace (not impressed) and then stopping at what was my favorite part…the park with peacocks!!

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The peacocks were everyone and roamed around freely! We spent the next 30 minutes there taking pictures of them (and the baby ducks) leveraging Michaels iPhone with portrait mode. Finally, we made our way out and then I discovered my next favorite place, a road lined with little vendors selling used books. They were mostly in Spanish, but I still could have browsed through for hours.

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Yet, we were starving so kept going trying to find the Mercado. The local one was closed, so we went to the touristy one. I was not disappointed! It was like being at a food and wine festival, a building filled with booths of small tastes of the most delicious bites to eat and beverages to go alongside. I started with a Vermouth on the rocks and some olives. Next, had a bread topped with soft cheese, pesto and tomato. Then, a mushroom fritter. Finally, more bread and cheese paired with red wine. We surprisingly were full so we called that lunch (it was 3:30pm by now) and then walked back to relax in our hostels.

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A few of us decided to do one final dinner all together. We tried to go to this cool rooftop, but it was full. Instead we walked around until we found this cool street food place. It was a big space with lots of different asian food booths inside and long tables to sit at. I had my favorite, pad thai! I was so hungry at that point, it was 9pm that I also split some marinated tofu. We talked about interesting fruit we’ve eaten (as we stuff our faces with fried noodles) and whether or not we wanted drinks. Surprisingly we couldn’t find any room for drinks or dessert so we said our final goodbyes and parted ways.




I will walk 10,000 steps…and I will walk 10,000 more.

I signed up for the walking tour this morning because I did still want to meet people and because I wanted to learn more about the city, since I’ve just been observing. We had a large group, 17 of us, from 3 different hostels. I really enjoyed the walking tour and learning how how Sangria, Tapas and other cultural things began. It was also really nice to walk and talk with the others in my group. I didn’t really click with the people from the first night, but this group had some very awesome people. It was a mix of Americans, Australians, Canadians, Mexicans, a Grecian and a Columbian.

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¡Ole Aletico Madrid!

I had a continental breakfast at the hostel where I ran into someone from the first night. We decided to check out the Sunday Flea Market, El Gastro Flea Market. It took over the streets and drew a huge crowd. It had a lot of vintage clothes and other souvenir type things. It was fun to look around, but neither of us bought anything. There is something about going to a local flea market or farmers market that really makes you feel part of community. I planned on doing the walking tour afterwards, but when they say it’s everyday, that doesn’t include Sunday lol.

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¡Vamos! Spain

I left on Thursday and arrived in Spain on Friday. The good news was that I slept 7 of the 10 hours on the flight. After dropping my bags off at the hostel, I walked around a bit to get my bearings and to stop for coffee. I signed up for the dinner option at the hostel as a way to meet people. In true Spanish fashion, dinner wasn’t until 9pm. I had plenty of time to walk around some more and shower. My first impression of Madrid was that it is a big city, with lots of winding streets and people out and about.

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Pitch black and sweaty

I had no set plans today so I was a true wanderluster. After some time on the beach, I decided I needed some food and a coffee. While sitting at Zwarf Cafe, I ran into some of my Shaka friends who were walking around town. Of course, I tagged along with them because I missed them already! Eventually they dropped me back off at my hostel where I met my roommate.

Tiko breakfast at The Bakery
Platanos and Guac
Man o’ war (don’t step on it!)

We were on our way to meet up with a guy from Minnesota who was on her plane, but stopped at the Super Ronny for a canned mojito first. While inside, it began to storm like crazy. Then, everything went black. It was clear there would be no beach hangout, so instead, we ran to a nearby pizza joint hoping their stoves were wood fire and not gas. It was our lucky day and the ovens were working. We ordered pizza and wine and sat in the dark. Occasionally the electricity would go back on for 5 seconds and the whole place would cheer. However, it turned off 5 seconds after that and everyone would “awwww”. It went on like that the rest of the night.

We arrived back to the hostel, no lights, no A/C, no Wifi and no way to charge our phones. While it was a bit stressful, it was kind of funny and ironic. The rest of the night was spent in true sleepover mode. We stayed up talking about anything and everything, with the occasionally pause to cheer when the lights came back on temporarily. They went off for good around 10pm and didn’t go back on until 7am. Even the cell towers were down so if anyone was trying to reach us, it wasn’t happening.

On my last full day, I decided to join Helina for an afternoon surf. She had an instructor, but I decided to try it solo since I was on the same beach as last week, Playa Hermosa.  It was my first time ever going surfing alone but I felt confident. The waves were still very choppy from the storm last night, coming from every which direction. The white water was pretty fun since it was so choppy but it was hard to surf a clean wave. Then, there was a sudden opening out to the green waves so I decided to take it. I paddled out and only minutes after getting out there a wave was coming my way. I took it and caught it! I rode just a short distance before it closed out on me and I came crashing down. It was then I realized I was very far out and in very deep water (low tide). The waves were so unpredictable that I got a little scared and ended up going back to shore.

I finished my last night with sushi, spicy margaritas, live music and of course laying in bed praying for the A/C to turn back on (power went out again).

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

I was pretty lucky that my quad dorm was empty, so I had first choice of bed (bottom bunk, duh).  Although, I wouldn’t have minded having one other person in the room to socialize with. After settling in, I walked down the road and grabbed dinner at Burger Rancho (didn’t get a burger, but chicken tacos and they were great), then came back to go to sleep. My neighbors were singing ballads until Midnight, so it was pretty loud, but it wasn’t so bad.

I’m used to getting up at 5:30am to surf, so even with my little sleep, I was still up early and headed to the beach to check out the surf. I decided I wanted to hit the waves today so I rented a board and went out with a group. I’ve been riding an 8’ 6” board, but on my last day at Shaka I went down to an 8’ 2” board. For giggles, I decided to grab a 7’ 6” board today. I made it out to the green waves (much easier on a small board) and after 6 or so failed attempts, I finally felt comfortable on the new size and was able to pop up and ride. The shorter board takes longer to catch the wave, but once it does, it goes fast!! It was a lot of fun, and afterwards I enjoyed fresh coconut water and cantaloupe.

I spent the next part of the day walking around looking for a new rash guard. I didn’t have any luck, but I did find a really good smoothie. I also spent some more time tanning and reading on the beach with a fresh coconut. Then, after watching sunset I went back to my room to discover that I had a roommate!!

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Tan and happy 🙂
Outdoor Seating at Earth Cafe
Centaur on the beach

She is from Jersey and very nice. We met up with two guys from Florida at this beachfront bar where we had a few drinks, played some pool (with pool sticks that didn’t have tips) and then headed home since the guys had to catch a 4am ferry. On the way back Helena and I were talking about how it was nice that we had a four person room to ourselves, but of course when we got back around 11pm, there were two other people in there so our luck ran out! The good news was, at 11pm it was already quiet. The karaoke travelers must have gone to bed early, or left.

Surf and Sushi.

This morning was the final surf for most of us. The waves weren’t as good as yesterday, but what I loved was that it was storming. The sky looked ominous and eventually it started raining. There is nothing better than getting caught in the rain when you’re already wet. I caught a couple good waves today, but I also swallowed a fair share of salt water! Another fun and successful morning.

The rest of the day was spent literally doing nothing mixed in with a little reading, some hammock action, and a bit of packing. Around 5pm a few of us were having some pre-dinner drinks. Amongst the stories told, there was one about portals and UFOs nearby. I swear I saw a UFO last time I was in Costa Rica.. we figured it was just a comet with a fire tail…but now it has me wondering again…

We all went out for dinner tonight, to a really great Sushi place. The atmosphere was perfect with the outside tables, cafe lights and live chill music. The sushi was killer and it was a great last supper for our crew. We had already lost Jon and Jennifer earlier today, but two new people joined tonight. Saying goodbye is a sad ritual, we all  know approximately when someone is leaving so we hang out in the common area and when their cab pulls up we all give hugs and say goodbye.

The next morning it was my dad’s turn, and that was the most sad! I’m going to miss his company. My turn followed shortly after, although I really wasn’t going that far.. I hopped into a cab with Simone and Klaus and headed to Santa Teresa where I checked into my hostel. Let the solo times roll..

Shred and Tread

Today’s tide allowed for both me and my dad to surf in the morning. Mine was at 6am and his at 8am. I had another great time and I think my best waves yet. Although, I’m really starting to feel sore in my arms, but luckily my coach today, Danny, gave me a tow so I could catch one last wave. I never turn down a free tow out to the green, but I tried to keep it low key so the others wouldn’t get jealous LOL. Since our afternoon was free, we booked ATVs to ride to Montezuma.

It was a dusty ride, but the views were worth it! We drove through the town and then along the coast and eventually through the jungle. There was endless vegetation, animals, and beautiful ocean to look at. Although, I feel horrible because the Halloween crabs are starting to come out now that it’s beginning to rain and while I tried my best to avoid them, I ran over two :(((((

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Shaka Shred

To my delight, the first day of surf was at 2pm, meaning I was able to sleep in. After a morning yoga session focused on shoulders I indulged in a delicious breakfast and then lounged around until it was time to get ready to surf. Admittedly, I felt the need to perform well to show I’ve actually improved since I was last here in 2016.

I had my same surf instructor as last time, Mike. I enjoy joking around with him, but I tried my best to stay focused for my dad’s sake. I’m happy to report that we both fared well in the waves…me a bit further back 😉 It was so much fun to get out there again. I just love the waves at this beach. Since today was a success for me, I was given the option to do the morning surf tomorrow behind the break. At first I said no, but with some encouragement from the others who went out this morning I committed.


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