There’s no wifi in the forest, but you’ll find a better connection.

I’m glad we went to bed when we did because we woke up at 7am for yoga. The yoga was a great way to start off the New Year. It was slow paced and focused on connecting with the earth. The class lasted about an hour and half so we had breakfast right after and then headed out for our hike to a waterfall. It was myself, Ryan and five Finlanders. Our guide didn’t speak much English but we were still able to understand some of the things he was pointing out, or one of the gals from Finland (Inka) helped translate. The walk was fun because it was through terrain that was unique to me. Trails that were lined with coffee trees, bamboo and alongside flowing water (man-made irrigation).

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The first waterfall we stopped at was cool, but we opted not to go in because it was freezing cold. We kept walking along and eventually made it to the next waterfall. It wasn’t as steep but it went on longer, with multiple pools. Despite this one also being freezing cold, we didn’t want to miss out on the fun. We swam upwards and climbed over rocks eventually resting to take it all in. On the way back down our guide John showed us a part of the waterfall we could slide down. That is my favorite thing ever so of course I went first. It was a short slide but you plunged into a deeper than expected pool of water and came up to be carried a little bit by the current.


After everyone dried off we continued our hike, this time going uphill. We stopped at a flower bush, covered with beautiful orange moths and spotted some horses roaming nearby. Our next discovery was an orange tree with the most vibrant oranges on top of it. John gave Ryan a stick to try and get one down. He showed us the technique of using the ‘v’ in the stick to hook the stem and twist. An orange fell and the group split it. To my surprise the orange was as sour as a lemon (or a warhead) and we all made faces. The sun was starting to warm up even more and the rest of the hike was uphill. I started to lag behind but eventually made it back to Casa Viejas and was beyond glad we had scheduled massages for after lunch.


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Lunch per usual was delicious. I wouldn’t shut up about how good the soup was. There was also rice, a tortilla with pesto and lentils. I almost wished I hadn’t eaten so much before my massage because it wasn’t a typical back massage. It started off with the woman wiping a hot wash cloth on my muscles and then she pressed pretty hard into my stomach, it wasn’t relaxing but supposedly it had good health effects. Eventually she started to do a more traditional massage which I appreciated.


While Ryan had his massage, I washed some of our clothes in the sink with the detergent I brought and then hung them out to dry, hoping they would dry before we left the next day. Once he was finished we started a game of UNO with a few others at the bar. We continued playing until dinner around 7:45pm and then with another full belly we went to bed.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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