Ink Pots and Downtown Banff

Sadly, it was our last full day and the Sunday Scaries were hitting me. Our hike started a little later today, and we also changed our plan for the day. We were originally going to do Cascade Amphitheater, but after reading reviews in All Trails, decided we should change it. The front desk recommended one that was moderate about at 3-4 hours. Which was perfect for our current soreness level and plan for the day. The hike was from Johnston Canyon to the Ink Pots. It was only 30 minutes away which was a nice change up from our hour or so drives the other days.


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Water Rafting and Water Falls

We left around 7am in order to get to the rafting starting point by 8:30am. Of course, we stopped at Bojangles for coffee and breakfast wraps. We’ve learned now that we are all too hungry to split a wrap, so we should get our own to avoid bickering over who took too big of a bite. For the record, you should always confirm the other person is okay with you finishing it off. Lol.

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Lake Anges Tea House & Big Beehive

Today we had a 7am start, and despite the late bed time, I was awake on time. Likely because of the time difference for me. I put on my new hiking boots eagerly and packed up my new bag. I was disappointed to discover that my bags water supply had a plastic taste, I’m sure that will be refreshing. Another bad taste was the AirBnB coffee, it must have been super old. After a failed attempt at drinking it, we opted to stop at Bojangles for some of their delicious cold brew. We also stopped at a hardware store for the bear spray which turns out is some serious stuff (each one has its own serial number tied to your name).

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Canoeing Lake Louise

Finally, the long weekend had arrived! Well, sort of, I was actually traveling on a Thursday (my office was closed on Friday and Monday, but I took an extra day off). I flew from LaGuardia (with no issues, imagine that) to Minneapolis where I met Ryan and took a connecting flight to Calgary. I mostly watched movies, after failing to get into my new book. I also watched Impractical Jokers which I obnoxiously laughed out loud to for all 5 episodes they had on Delta Studio.

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