Canoeing Lake Louise

Finally, the long weekend had arrived! Well, sort of, I was actually traveling on a Thursday (my office was closed on Friday and Monday, but I took an extra day off). I flew from LaGuardia (with no issues, imagine that) to Minneapolis where I met Ryan and took a connecting flight to Calgary. I mostly watched movies, after failing to get into my new book. I also watched Impractical Jokers which I obnoxiously laughed out loud to for all 5 episodes they had on Delta Studio.

We landed, then breezed through customs and baggage claim where we met our friends we were travelling with, Rachel and Michael. We’ve traveled with them before so was excited to further our adventures together! We picked up our rental car, a burnt orange Chevy beauty and set off on a 1.5 hour drive to our AirBnB in Canmore. We made a pit stop at Safeway first to pick up some light groceries and bear spray. We created a grocery list prior to expedite the trip and managed to get most of the items. Turns out bottled cold brew and Cheeto-s aren’t popular in Canada. Instead we picked up these things called Cheesy-s and stopped at a cafe for our coffee fix. The café, called Beamer’s, would become a staple on this trip. The name was hard to remember for no good reason, so will herby out be referred to as Bojangles which we had no problem remembering . They also didn’t have bear spray, so we rain checked that item for now.

We had an agenda and we tried our best to stick to it, so once we arrived to the AirBnB (Solara Resort & Spa, which was basically a hotel disguised as an apartment building to our pleasant surprise) we changed for canoeing and dinner in under an hour. We hoped we would see a bear on the way out because the property had a sighting the other day, but had no such “luck”. The drive to Lake Louise was about an hour, only stopping once to show our park pass (which we learned we just needed to have on the dashboard).



It was about 6pm when we arrived, so we had no issue finding parking. The walk up to the lake built anticipation, which was well deserved when we rounded the corner and had our first peak at the lake. Gorgeous! We snapped a few pictures, which always makes me laugh how people always take pictures right away, even when the view isn’t at its best. Our pictures only got better. We rented a canoe each, which in my opinion were a bit overpriced, but also would have done it again if we had the chance. We had the canoes for an hour so leisurely paddled around, stopping fairly frequently for a picture. After about 30 minutes, Ryan and I lost track of Rachel and Michael so assumed they’d went in early. We started to make our way back so ended shy of the hour, only to realize that they were still out there! Looks like we were the suckers!




After canoeing we went to The Fairmont hotel nearby for dinner. Our reservation wasn’t until 8:45pm so we sat at the lounge first and shared a bottle of red wine. We drank our wine while googling questions we had about the lake. Why was it so blue? Were there fish in it? What is the altitude? Our appetites had built so by the time we sat down for dinner we were ready to order a lot. Everyone kept talking about “The Experience” which was apparently something we had to get. We then talked in circles about whether or not to get “The Experience”. Ryan and I opted out and instead ordered fondue, short rib, onion soup and steak. Rachel and Michael went for the experience which was fondue, steak, veggies and chocolate fondue with a wine pairing. Everything was absolutely delicious. By the time dessert rolled around, I was full and sleepy. So, having skipped the last round of drinks, I drove us the hour back home and needless to say we went straight to bed! We had an early morning the next day.


3 thoughts on “Canoeing Lake Louise”

  1. I really wanted to rent the canoes when i was there too, but it is definitely overpriced, even when converted back to US currency, but im glad you were able to have the experience! thank you for sharing! im following!


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