Lake Anges Tea House & Big Beehive

Today we had a 7am start, and despite the late bed time, I was awake on time. Likely because of the time difference for me. I put on my new hiking boots eagerly and packed up my new bag. I was disappointed to discover that my bags water supply had a plastic taste, I’m sure that will be refreshing. Another bad taste was the AirBnB coffee, it must have been super old. After a failed attempt at drinking it, we opted to stop at Bojangles for some of their delicious cold brew. We also stopped at a hardware store for the bear spray which turns out is some serious stuff (each one has its own serial number tied to your name).

The drive was an hour again, but with the views it’s not bad at all. As we pulled up, we started to notice that people were parking far away… but we thought we’d go all the way to the front and just see if anything opened up. As we arrived at the front lot we saw it was full, BUT there was one care that had their white reverse lights on….the only downside was there was still one car in front of us. Either they weren’t paying attention or they didn’t want it, but they drove past it and the car reversed and left. The parking attendant was waving us a long but we rolled down our windows to ask if we could take the spot of the person leaving. He said yes and we literally, cheered with joy. Even the parking attendant laughed at us. We pulled into our VIP spot and headed out.


The hike today was from Lake Louise to the Agnes Lake Teahouse and then to Big Beehive and back down. It was a moderate hike at first with a couple viewpoints of the lake. We eventually made it to a small lake called mirror lake where we stopped to eat the snacks that we brought. It’s amazing how good snacks taste while hiking. Really distracted from my plastic water…




Soon we made it to the tea house. It was on a pretty lake that I would have loved to jump into had I had a change of clothes. The path circled around the lake and then up. We paused for a few more pictures and then began up a very steep incline.









It was a zig zag path that required frequent stops. I was motivated to keep going when I saw people with a heavy baby carrier on their backs. If they can do it, I certainly can! Eventually the top of the beehive was in sight, and looking down from the top made everything worth it! We could see Lake Louise with all of the canoes on it that appeared to be little ants. It was so quiet up this high, and very peaceful. We sat down and just relaxed for a bit. Our relaxation was interrupted by a chipmunk who had no fear when it came to getting nature valley bar crumbs.





The hike down was the same path, but per usual, very different on the muscles (harder on the knees). On the way back, we stopped at the tea house for lunch. I chose soup, tea and biscuits. The others each had sandwiches with homemade bread. We discussed the dedication it must take from the employees to hike up there daily (some do sleep there), but some have to carry the trash down. The food really hit the spot and re-energized us for the last leg back down.


Once back at Lake Louise, we were hoping to drive to Lake Moraine which was close by and highly rated. However, the parking lot was full and the shuttle sold out. We knew this might be the case, but I think we were okay with it since Lake Moraine is similar to Lake Louise. The other option was going there first at 5am, which didn’t sound very appealing. If I were to come back here again, maybe I would stay a night at the lodge on Lake Moraine so I could be guaranteed to see it.

Instead, we drove back to Canmore, hit up Bojangles for coffee and another store to get some local salad (all conveniently located near the Safeway) and then showered and took a power nap. Our group, having last travelled together to Napa, enjoyed a bottle of wine and our pre-dinner salads before a 7pm dinner at Crazyweed. We took a taxi there (which the front desk at our AirBnb called for us since they don’t have Uber/Lyft). On the way we noticed a TON of rabbits. Like A TON. We asked about it and it turns out someone released a bunch of domestic rabbits and they’ve been pro-creating like crazy. Speaking of crazy, Crazyweed had fantastic appetizers which we devoured. The main course was okay, but my drink was fantastic. We were all very conversational and then eventually hit a wall. Which was perfect timing for going to bed (after making our brown bag lunches for tomorrow). Another full day ahead of us for Saturday.

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