Water Rafting and Water Falls

We left around 7am in order to get to the rafting starting point by 8:30am. Of course, we stopped at Bojangles for coffee and breakfast wraps. We’ve learned now that we are all too hungry to split a wrap, so we should get our own to avoid bickering over who took too big of a bite. For the record, you should always confirm the other person is okay with you finishing it off. Lol.

It started raining along the way and the rafting guides told us this was perfect for rafting, which I would soon learn to be more than true. For one, the water was higher (it was already at the low point for the season). Second, we were about to be soaked anyways with ice cold water so the rain really made no difference. Thank goodness for wet suits! Although, we did look pretty ridiculous in our gear, specifically Ryan who looked like a horse cop with the helmet and vest! Rachel was super nervous having never been white water rafting before but after the first wave we hit, everyone was laughing and screaming at the same time.



The rapids got up to somewhere between a 3-4 (which we learned wasn’t always about the size of the rapid, but also what’s under the water–how dangerous it would be if you fall into the water). We also learned that the river water was a glacier just 12 hours earlier. The river we were on was called Kicking Horse River, the story of kicking horse river made sense (the explorer was kicked in the head by a horse), in general our guide was funny with typical guide jokes. All-in-all, we decided that the rafting experience was fun and a perfect rainy-day activity, but we all wished it would have been a little scarier, even Rachel!







After we ate our lunches we headed back on the road to a hike at Bow Lake to Bow Falls. There was supposed to be a scramble at this hike to someplace called Iceberg lake, which we didn’t end up finding, but the hike was still maybe my favorite. I tend to like hikes that have a variety of terrain, and running water. This one started off at this beautiful lake near a cute red lodge. It was a flat coastal hike around the lake and then onto this rocky land near where a river entered the lake. Then, we entered into a forest where it was slightly muddy and had a lot of cool mushrooms. The trail wasn’t as steep, so not as many “Look Backs” were needed. A look back is what we are calling the thing when the people in front look back to make sure the stragglers are still there. On the first hike, Rachel and I were slightly offended that our men didn’t check enough to make sure we were okay 🙂 . We weren’t slow, we were just chatty.












Anyways, we got out of the woods and walked in the rocky river bed again before going up some small hills, and then eventually some steep hills which led into a valley. Off in the distance we could see the destination, Bow Falls. As we approached, I started to get super excited. I love hiking waterfalls! I set down my bag and began to test my rock-climbing skills. The rocks were slippery, but they were porous so they did have some grip if you found the right spot. Ryan came and joined me and we took a few more photos and then went back and joined Rachel and Michael who were resting down below. We made good time back, still looking for bears along the way with no luck.



IMG_0189 2







Our group decided that we were hungry and tired, so rather than going home to shower and then having dinner, we stopped at a pub in Canmore on the way back. We tried to go to Tavern, but it was a long wait so went to another pub instead. The beer was refreshing and the cauliflower app was amazing, but our burgers weren’t very good. To make up for it, we stopped at a candy shop nearby. The guy working there was British and encouraged us to sample things. I’ve never been in a candy shop where they let you do this, so of course we were excited! He clearly knew what he was doing, because after 20 minutes in the store we had purchased about $50 worth of candy! The only thing we weren’t sold on were these sour balls which were 100000 times worse than war heads (my mouth is watering with PTSD as I type this). We said we’d play cards once we got home, but none of us were able to stay up!



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