When was the last time you did something for the first time? FIRST BUNGY!

Great question (and great song btw: Last Time by Darius Rucker).

Well, for me, it was today! I did my first ever bungy jump at the world’s first bungy jump experience, Kawarau Bridge in New Zealand.

Their motto is, you’re crazy if you do and you’re crazy if you don’t. It couldn’t be more spot on. It was one of the more scary things I’ve done, but I would recommend that everyone at least try it once.

When asking which is scarier, skydiving or bungy, so far has said bungy. I disagree, but only because I’ve done static line sky diving (where you jump alone). That was about equally the same level of fear (fear less, live more. is their other motto). Despite the fear, you just have to jump because the longer you wait the more you psych yourself out and the worse it will become. The classic close your eyes, stop thinking about it and just jump sort of mentality. Or, maybe the waterfall jumps yesterday truly did help prepare me.

If you watch the video below, albeit not flattering, you’ll hear me gut laugh and you can’t make that stuff up. I was genuinely high afterwards. I felt like I could take on the world. I  ran up the stairs to the top of the bridge and could have kept running. I had an amazing amount of energy, I imagine it’s like being a kid again.

I went and found two guys who I had made friends with before and we all high-fived and talked about how great it was! Of course we also shared a drink to celebrate the achievement. We then could relax and watch others make the leap as well.

While this certainly wasn’t my only “first” on this trip, and it won’t be the last, it was definitely a big one that I had been looking forward to and I do feel a sense of relief that  the day has come.

Will I do it again? To be determined but most likely yes if the time and place is right.

Canyoning, so what’s it like?

I don’t consider myself an adrenaline junkie, but maybe I’m becoming one? I went canyoning today and it gave me energy.  After gearing up and hiking 30 minutes (in full gear, woof.) to the entrance we gladly jumped in the ice cold water to cool off. The guides wasted no time and had the first person sit at the end of a cliff that leads into a waterfall pool. “Ok”, they tell her, “Cross your arms over you chest and keep your knees up and just slide down”. The next thing I know she was gone from sight and I hear a splash below. It was my turn next. I ask him if he’s sure I won’t hit the rocks on the way down. He said I wouldn’t and asked if I was ready. I guess so? The next thing you know it’s me thats gone and I end up in the pool below, perfectly safe and sound…and with a lot of water up my nose. Noted, for the next one.

It became a mix of hiking up rocks and waterfalls using ropes, repelling down other areas still using the ropes, sliding down the canyons where the water and slime rocks made a shoot, jumping off the top of the falls onto our feet or backs, and occasionally zip-lining if the water was too low. I could describe it in detail, but they let us bring a Go-Pro so I’ll let the videos do the talking 🙂

**Uploading from a Starbucks because of their high-speed wifi, something I appreciate more now (and their cold brew with sweet cream).