Bye Bye Bali!

My last day in Bali was the epitome of traveling alone and adventure. If you had asked me what my plan was that evening I would have said I was going to walk to the beach, watch the sunset and then walk back and watch Netflix or write. Well, here is how it really turned out…

I was walking toward the beach when a guy on a scooter stopped and asked me which way to Kuta beach. I said just go straight because that is where I was headed, but I plugged in the directions on my phone for him to see. Turns out, I was NOT headed toward the beach. Well, I was, but not the main beach. He thanked me and said he’d see me there and then he paused and asked if I wanted a ride. He was Canadian so I said yes.

I was giving him directions as he was driving but we kept getting lost somehow. Both of us intended on seeing the sunset, but it wasn’t seeming likely. Eventually we did make it there and did catch the end of the sunset. It was probably a good thing that he met me because he didn’t know a couple things about scooters, such as how to put the kickstand up or how to open the seat to store the helmets. We had a drink on the beach as we got to know each other. It was refreshing to have the company as my last 5 days in Ubud were pretty solitary. I gave some recommendations of things to do and we talked about my future plans.

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Canggu, Bali (pronounced chang- gu).

My excitement to land in Bali was even greater than normal due to a trip delay from a cancelled flight out of Queenstown. I appreciate any place that has character in their airport, and Denpasar was no exception. You can see the culture immediately upon landing. I took a 30 minute cab right to my lodging and enjoyed the sights around me. It was a fun game of who would pass by on a scooter and what would they be carrying.

I’m sure everyone has heard about the crazy driving here (very similar to India), but I actually think they are more careful. You see, we have all of these things in place that give us a false sense of security: stop signs, stop lights, speed limits, blinkers, etc. I’ve noticed that when those aren’t available, a driver needs to pay more attention to their surroundings and their driving. Cars are also used to having scooter around them. They even give courtesy honks as they come close to another vehicle. I by no means have statistics on accidents here, I just know what I observed. Basically, here you don’t have time to snapchat yourself singing in your car because you’re too busy trying to navigate through the traffic to get to your destination on time.

Relaxation. I instantly felt a sense of relaxation upon arriving at my destination, The Chillhouse. It reminded me a lot of a place I stayed in Costa Rica a few years back. It was the perfect mix of simplicity and structure. My room is an oasis, in fact the whole place is. Next to my “villa” is a dreamy pool and besides that is a yoga house. Speaking of which…

I forgot how much I loved real yoga. The yoga I would do back home is a great workout, but it lacks some of the other benefits that yoga can bring. Mindfulness, meditation, reflection, and organ support to name a few. I was the only one signed up for today, so I was lucky enough to have a private session! My instructor was from Chile and she led me through Kundalini which started with a series of breathing exercises. About 45 minutes in, while my eyes were closed in a comfortable position, she started doing some sound healing. I’ve never done this before but it was amazing. I could hear and feel the vibrations around me it was totally calming. We then ended with a spoken mediation. Spoken in the sense that you repeat a chant and do a hand motion instead of just sitting their in silence. All I can say, is that was one of the most beneficial yoga sessions I’ve ever had. Oh, and it helped that I was outdoors, with a slight breeze and the smell of dinner being cooked in the distance. My favorite takeaway as something she said, “what you resist is what you need to do”. Meaning, that the positions in yoga or the things in life that you try and find most difficult are the ones that you need to keep practicing even if they may be the hardest.

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After yoga I sat down at a communal dinner table where I met a few people, 3 of 4 from the US. One of the gals and I went to a popular night spot on Saturday’s called Old Mans. It was a fun night out with good music, people watching, and the thrill of running to the bar to order your drink without getting soaked. Did I mention it’s rainy season? Luckily, it only rains at night so far.