Cats, when I needed them most.

The plan this morning was to scope out the gym, drop off laundry and then visit the Cat Cafe. After a quick workout, I walked about 1.5 miles to a laundrymat I found on Google maps. It didn’t show hours online, but I assumed at 9:30am it would be open. I was wrong, it opened at 10am, so I hung out for a bit. Once open, I was told that the earliest it could be done was tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, that would be cutting it too close with my flight tomorrow so I decided I would just walk to the cat cafe and hope to see another laundry mat on the way. In Chiang Mai they were on every corner. Well, this isn’t Chiang Mai. My load was getting too heavy since I had my laptop, camera and a full second backpack of laundry and I was almost to the cafe. The cafe was supposed to be right here, or was it here? I walked in circles for about 20 minutes trying to find my way. I stopped into places where I thought they could direct me but I got no where. Just as I was about to give up I saw the sign for it, but on the second floor of this building. My search then became how to get up to the second floor. I could not find a staircase anywhere. I was starting to think this was a secret place for locals only, or, that it recently closed for good. I was starting to get really hot and my multiple backpacks weren’t helping. It seemed I wouldn’t be going to this cat cafe, so went to choice two, which was further. I took a cab over there, but got there at 11am and it didn’t open until noon. Here we go again. 🙂

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Bangkok, an unlikely unicorn.

I’m serious when I say I changed my hostel to a homestay based on it’s proximity to the Unicorn Cafe. It’s this cafe that is covered in unicorns from head to toe and I must go there. So naturally, after I landed, I dropped my bag off and immediately walked over to the cafe. I think if I went there everyday I’d be a very happy person…. and also maybe get diabetes.  I ordered rainbow waffles, a unicorn cupcake and a hot chocolate. Of course, it wasn’t all for me…I was sharing with my unicorn friends 😉

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