Surf and Sushi.

This morning was the final surf for most of us. The waves weren’t as good as yesterday, but what I loved was that it was storming. The sky looked ominous and eventually it started raining. There is nothing better than getting caught in the rain when you’re already wet. I caught a couple good waves today, but I also swallowed a fair share of salt water! Another fun and successful morning.

The rest of the day was spent literally doing nothing mixed in with a little reading, some hammock action, and a bit of packing. Around 5pm a few of us were having some pre-dinner drinks. Amongst the stories told, there was one about portals and UFOs nearby. I swear I saw a UFO last time I was in Costa Rica.. we figured it was just a comet with a fire tail…but now it has me wondering again…

We all went out for dinner tonight, to a really great Sushi place. The atmosphere was perfect with the outside tables, cafe lights and live chill music. The sushi was killer and it was a great last supper for our crew. We had already lost Jon and Jennifer earlier today, but two new people joined tonight. Saying goodbye is a sad ritual, we all  know approximately when someone is leaving so we hang out in the common area and when their cab pulls up we all give hugs and say goodbye.

The next morning it was my dad’s turn, and that was the most sad! I’m going to miss his company. My turn followed shortly after, although I really wasn’t going that far.. I hopped into a cab with Simone and Klaus and headed to Santa Teresa where I checked into my hostel. Let the solo times roll..

Off to the land of Pura Vida.

Today was an early wake up call. I was at the airport at 3:45am. I didn’t sleep the night before but mostly because I was just so excited to be starting my journey again. That said, I wasn’t the least bit tired. Due to de-icing and low fuel levels our plane took off 60 minutes late. Oh yea, our. The first leg of the trip I’m not traveling solo, but with my dad! I’m excited to show him the place that opened my eyes to solo travel.

It was a bit ironic that our flight was so delayed because we had just dealt with cancelled flights a week before. The airline we were using from San Jose to the small airport near our lodging was shut down. Luckily, were able to get on a flight with the only other airline that makes that route.

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