Adult Field Trip (D.C.)

I was supposed to visit Washington D.C. in 8th grade, but I transferred schools in 6th grade and my new school didn’t offer a trip to the capital. Therefore, I’ve been wanting to make the trip for about 17 years.. Seeing as though I’m now just a short 3 hour train ride away, I picked a weekend to make the trip. I figured train would be a fast and cheaper option. Turns out, it’s about the same cost as a flight. As for length, well, when you factor in the amount of time to go to the airport, through security and on the tarmac, it’s about the same time as the train.

I LOVE how you can just show up 15 minutes before your train, it’s pretty much always on time, and you just…get on. It’s so easy. AND you can stand up and walk around and no one gets nervous or asks you to sit and put your seat belt on. AND they have a bar/food car. AND you get to choose your seat and usually it’s not very full so you get the seat next to you as well…in case you want to put your feet up 🙂

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