Does anyone know the etiquette on co-ed rooms? Do I knock first…? Should I wear a bra to bed…? When the first guy walked in, I admit I was a little thrown off. By day two though, it’s actually not that bad with the exception of I have to walk all the way to the bathroom to change. He happens to be very respectful and also a lot of fun. An Irishman eh. We ended up even going the zoo together. I actually prefer him to my female roomie. She introduced herself and then handed me ear plugs because she snores. That was a first. The good news? I didn’t need them because the sound of the waves outside my window drowned her out. The better news? She only stayed one night.

Pro Tip: It’s acceptable to hang your towel the long way on your bunk to dry while simultaneously giving yourself a privacy curtain.

Another etiquette to take note of is surfing. I think that intimidates me more than co-ed rooms. There are rules.. such as who has the right-of-way on the wave. The last thing I want to do is steal someone else’s wave, and then not even catch it. In soccer I can jump in and school even the boys. I hope to reach that competence in surfing one day. It’s always better to go out there with a buddy. I met two girls (London and Canada) who are similar experience as me. I invited them to Bondi Beach hoping to catch some waves or in the very least, it’s always better to embarrass yourself with someone you know watching. It’s true. Have you ever tripped and no one saw? It’s awkward because you want to talk about it and acknowledge the embarrassment. You almost want someone to laugh at you. Anyways, we surfed and managed not to hit anyone or annoy anyone. We also managed to catch 0 waves. I promise this is a fluke. Word around the beach was that the waves were flat, so I’m going with that. Regardless, my surfboard was hella cute!

Pro Tip: Get a hostel like Bondi Backpackers that rents free surf boards!