Rainy day pesto.

The weather was rainy today so instead of hiking (I was sore anyhow) I took a pesto making class. It was at this cliffside restaurant that I ate at the first night. There were 9 of us in the group today (sometimes they have up to 30) and we were all from the United States. Everyone was a lot of fun, so it was a good morning. The class was perfect and well worth the money. First, you picked basil leaves off your plant and put them in a bowl with ice on top.

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Hiking 5Terre.

I set out for my hike around 9am and really had no idea where I was going. I knew the main path to Riomaggiore was closed, but I was told the entrance to the higher up one was somewhere near the car park. I also knew that you followed the little red/white paintings to stay on the path. I found one and it looked steep so figured it must be it.


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Inside a painting: Cinque Terre.

I went to the UPS store this morning because I realized my pack was getting a little too bulky with the leather poof I bought in Morocco and shipped some things home that I didn’t think I’d need any longer. I wanted to try and go to the Sistine Chapel but I was afraid of missing my train. Turns out, I missed my train anyways because it showed up in the wrong time zone on my phone. I was able to get another train 2 hours later, but had to pay 50 Euros for it :/

The train ride was comfortable and I watched movies or read for the 4 hours so it went by quickly. I switched to a local train once I arrived in La Spezia, and it was a quick 5 minute ride along the coast (but mostly inside the cliffs, so the view wasn’t great). My hotel was a short 2 minute walk from the station. After dropping off my things, I didn’t even stop to change because I was so eager to explore. It was just a short walk up to the cliffside that I found the infamous view. I stared at it so long, while the breeze was blowing and a flowery aroma filled the air. I seriously felt like I was in a painting (and also decided I need to plant more flowers back home). I kept walking to find the trail ahead closed, so I turned back around and walked up higher where I saw a restaurant on the cliffside. I passed a small little park and then stood in line for the restaurant. The wait was about 15 minutes, but if I’m going to wait in line for something, this is the perfect setting to do it in. I stared off into the sea and city across from me with a small smile on my face until they called my turn.


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I wasn’t too hungry so I decided to just order a caprese salad, a cheese plate and a Campari Spritz. My salad and drink came out and they both were great. Then, my cheese plate came out…and I probably should have asked how many people it fed…it was huge! The cheese was delicious though, and again, my view was great so I took my time to eat away at it. Eventually, I gave up and asked for a take away box.



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I returned back and started to research some of the trails to plan my day tomorrow. To be honest, it was all super confusing and on top of that, the main trail along the coast (the easy one) was closed from where I was staying in Manarola, due to rockslides. In fact, it was actually closed through 2021..good thing they are starting to charge tourist tax! Eventually I took a screen shot of a map and then called it a night. I figured, if I get lost it wouldn’t be the worst thing.