Fits like butter.

There was still much to explore in the Medina so more wandering took place today. I ended up getting another pouf (this time leather) and a custom made pair of shoes. They actually traced my feet and took measurements on them and let me pick out the materials and colors. I would have paid hundreds of dollars for these shoes back home, but only paid $60 here. The shoes!

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By car, not plane to Marrakech.

We took a car instead of plane to Marrakech today, it was an easy 3.5 hours and mostly a straight road. Once we arrived at the Medina, we had to walk the rest of the way because the cab couldn’t really fit down the streets.  I ended up getting hustled by some kids who helped lead us there, only gave them 20 dirhams, but they wanted 200. The streets were super interesting. Small, covered, and filled with vendors.

This afternoon we stuck close by but found some good things. I got an oil lamp (that I’m hoping contains a genie) and some stress inhalers filled with eucalyptus. Then we were pulled into a rug store. We of course were offered tea, asked where we were from, told we were welcome, told we would get a special price, told we were family and all the other sales techniques these folks have mastered. Kristi found a few rugs and I bought two poofs. The nice thing about this place is that they’ll ship them for you, and they had a shipping book to see all the other places they’ve successfully shipped.

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