London, the new meet up spot.

Today I was headed to London! I had breakfast and then took off for the train station. The ride was only 2 hours to London and I mostly slept. Once there, I took some time just to relax and re-pack my bag before meeting up with some friends who happened to be visiting London as well (thanks to social media for informing me). I walked to dinner down this super cool street (Brick Lane) lined with vintage shops and trendy eats, a very hipster area. Dinner was at a place we at was called Dirty Bones and after eating nothing but a bag of chips that day I was super excited about the menu! I ordered a fried chicken sandwich with spicy aioli and we split skinny fries (turns out you don’t get skinny by eating them). We also split a bottle of Rose despite one of my friends saying he gets canker sores from rosé (we ordered him some salt water just in case). It was one of their birthdays so we also had a surprise dessert with a candle. I have never heard a restaurant participate as much as this one in the birthday song, the place was erupting in song! Turns out they probably sang so loud to get the same in return, because there was another birthday girl there. Michael was a little bummed to have to share the spotlight 😉

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The final Rose.

After breakfast and laundry I went for a run. I judge a city a lot by how run-able it is 🙂 Fortunately, Barcelona was pretty easy. Once you got to a main boulevard, you were able to run without too many stop lights, and luckily, there were not too many people out. I did notice a race had just finished and I wish I would have known about it before. It would have been fun to do a 5k/10k in another country. While running, I noticed that a lot of the shops were closed that I wanted to visit today. Since they actually pull down big gates that block the storefront, there is no way of knowing what their hours are. I noticed that while walking earlier too…we would see a place that looked good to eat, but then you come back later and it has disappeared because the gate is closed (all that’s left is bad graffiti). I also ended up running past their Arc de Triumph, so I’m glad I was able to see that.

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