Good things are worth repeating, Palm Valley part 2.

I was so impressed with the Palms yesterday that I wanted to go back again, even though my legs were begging me not to. I figured this time I would do the short hike, and take it slowly. It was nice to head to the jeeps and know what I was doing, and then to get there and know exactly where the trail was. Even though I was doing the exact same thing as yesterday, the experience was different.

I enjoyed my slow pace, and I also enjoyed the quiet, I was the only one out there. Eventually I did put my earbuds in to give me some energy as I began up hill. This time, I turned around at the viewpoint and headed down directly through the palms. This view was so much prettier and reinsured my choice to come back. I sat at the base of a palm and just relaxed for a bit until a dog came running up and startled me. A few others followed and after a quick chat with a few of them I continued my descent. I’ve learned during hiking that sometimes you have to stop and look behind you because that can often be the best view. I treated myself to an Oblea (a thin crispy waffle with caramel, sweet milk and usually cheese but I opted for no cheese). I was the only one headed back to Salento so I was able to sit in the front seat, which was so much more enjoyable. The tires remained inflated too.


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Valle de Cocora

I woke up before my alarm courtesy of the dogs and roosters, perks of staying at a hostel with farm in it’s name I guess. I brushed my teeth at the outside sink and was pleased to discover that it was pretty nice out for being only 7am. After breakfast at the hostel (which was fabulous) I made my way into town to catch a jeep towards the main reason I came to Salento, to see the Wax Palm Trees (world’s tallest palm trees).

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Merry Christmas to all and to all a good, FLIGHT. Off to Colombia!

I realize it hasn’t even been a full year since I began my first trip and blog post, crazy that it seems so long ago! One of the locations on my list that I didn’t make it to my last time was Colombia. However, I think waiting was a good idea because now I’m heading there in December when it’s lovely weather, a short(ish) flight from home, time-off work and traded tips from friends who have already been. This time would be different, since I would only be gone for 12 days, but I was excited nonetheless. I dug out my travel gear and started planning my route…

…The day had come (Christmas Day) and while I wasn’t originally nervous, cautions from worried loved ones had started to affect me a little. That quickly changed the second I landed in Bogotá. I re-found the familiar feeling of being some place foreign to me, yet feeling at home. I had to dust off some of my Spanish to get a cab and make my way to the hotel near the airport. I arrived after 11pm, but had a flight at 9am the next morning to arrive at my first planned destination, Salento.

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