I will walk 10,000 steps…and I will walk 10,000 more.

I signed up for the walking tour this morning because I did still want to meet people and because I wanted to learn more about the city, since I’ve just been observing. We had a large group, 17 of us, from 3 different hostels. I really enjoyed the walking tour and learning how how Sangria, Tapas and other cultural things began. It was also really nice to walk and talk with the others in my group. I didn’t really click with the people from the first night, but this group had some very awesome people. It was a mix of Americans, Australians, Canadians, Mexicans, a Grecian and a Columbian.

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¡Vamos! Spain

I left on Thursday and arrived in Spain on Friday. The good news was that I slept 7 of the 10 hours on the flight. After dropping my bags off at the hostel, I walked around a bit to get my bearings and to stop for coffee. I signed up for the dinner option at the hostel as a way to meet people. In true Spanish fashion, dinner wasn’t until 9pm. I had plenty of time to walk around some more and shower. My first impression of Madrid was that it is a big city, with lots of winding streets and people out and about.

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