There’s no wifi in the forest, but you’ll find a better connection.

I’m glad we went to bed when we did because we woke up at 7am for yoga. The yoga was a great way to start off the New Year. It was slow paced and focused on connecting with the earth. The class lasted about an hour and half so we had breakfast right after and then headed out for our hike to a waterfall. It was myself, Ryan and five Finlanders. Our guide didn’t speak much English but we were still able to understand some of the things he was pointing out, or one of the gals from Finland (Inka) helped translate. The walk was fun because it was through terrain that was unique to me. Trails that were lined with coffee trees, bamboo and alongside flowing water (man-made irrigation).

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Canyoning, so what’s it like?

I don’t consider myself an adrenaline junkie, but maybe I’m becoming one? I went canyoning today and it gave me energy.  After gearing up and hiking 30 minutes (in full gear, woof.) to the entrance we gladly jumped in the ice cold water to cool off. The guides wasted no time and had the first person sit at the end of a cliff that leads into a waterfall pool. “Ok”, they tell her, “Cross your arms over you chest and keep your knees up and just slide down”. The next thing I know she was gone from sight and I hear a splash below. It was my turn next. I ask him if he’s sure I won’t hit the rocks on the way down. He said I wouldn’t and asked if I was ready. I guess so? The next thing you know it’s me thats gone and I end up in the pool below, perfectly safe and sound…and with a lot of water up my nose. Noted, for the next one.

It became a mix of hiking up rocks and waterfalls using ropes, repelling down other areas still using the ropes, sliding down the canyons where the water and slime rocks made a shoot, jumping off the top of the falls onto our feet or backs, and occasionally zip-lining if the water was too low. I could describe it in detail, but they let us bring a Go-Pro so I’ll let the videos do the talking 🙂

**Uploading from a Starbucks because of their high-speed wifi, something I appreciate more now (and their cold brew with sweet cream).