Ink Pots and Downtown Banff

Sadly, it was our last full day and the Sunday Scaries were hitting me. Our hike started a little later today, and we also changed our plan for the day. We were originally going to do Cascade Amphitheater, but after reading reviews in All Trails, decided we should change it. The front desk recommended one that was moderate about at 3-4 hours. Which was perfect for our current soreness level and plan for the day. The hike was from Johnston Canyon to the Ink Pots. It was only 30 minutes away which was a nice change up from our hour or so drives the other days.


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Water Rafting and Water Falls

We left around 7am in order to get to the rafting starting point by 8:30am. Of course, we stopped at Bojangles for coffee and breakfast wraps. We’ve learned now that we are all too hungry to split a wrap, so we should get our own to avoid bickering over who took too big of a bite. For the record, you should always confirm the other person is okay with you finishing it off. Lol.

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Lake Anges Tea House & Big Beehive

Today we had a 7am start, and despite the late bed time, I was awake on time. Likely because of the time difference for me. I put on my new hiking boots eagerly and packed up my new bag. I was disappointed to discover that my bags water supply had a plastic taste, I’m sure that will be refreshing. Another bad taste was the AirBnB coffee, it must have been super old. After a failed attempt at drinking it, we opted to stop at Bojangles for some of their delicious cold brew. We also stopped at a hardware store for the bear spray which turns out is some serious stuff (each one has its own serial number tied to your name).

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Canoeing Lake Louise

Finally, the long weekend had arrived! Well, sort of, I was actually traveling on a Thursday (my office was closed on Friday and Monday, but I took an extra day off). I flew from LaGuardia (with no issues, imagine that) to Minneapolis where I met Ryan and took a connecting flight to Calgary. I mostly watched movies, after failing to get into my new book. I also watched Impractical Jokers which I obnoxiously laughed out loud to for all 5 episodes they had on Delta Studio.

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Adult Field Trip (D.C.)

I was supposed to visit Washington D.C. in 8th grade, but I transferred schools in 6th grade and my new school didn’t offer a trip to the capital. Therefore, I’ve been wanting to make the trip for about 17 years.. Seeing as though I’m now just a short 3 hour train ride away, I picked a weekend to make the trip. I figured train would be a fast and cheaper option. Turns out, it’s about the same cost as a flight. As for length, well, when you factor in the amount of time to go to the airport, through security and on the tarmac, it’s about the same time as the train.

I LOVE how you can just show up 15 minutes before your train, it’s pretty much always on time, and you just…get on. It’s so easy. AND you can stand up and walk around and no one gets nervous or asks you to sit and put your seat belt on. AND they have a bar/food car. AND you get to choose your seat and usually it’s not very full so you get the seat next to you as well…in case you want to put your feet up 🙂

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No plan is often the best plan– learning the history of Cartagena.

Sometimes while travelling, it’s best not to plan anything for the day. I’m glad that was the case today because I was still feeling a little tired. We originally planned on taking a boat to the islands, something several friends had recommended, but decided to keep the day open. So instead, we took our time in the morning and eventually began wandering the streets. We stopped at a few historic points and read about them. The historic center is small, so we easily walked from one side to the other in 20 minutes. It was still pretty early and not many shops were open, but I found a cute clothing shop to browse while Ryan had a coffee and some cake (the cake was dry, which we’ve now experienced a couple times while in Colombia). We found another store where I bought some statues and Ryan bought a colorful painting and coffee beans. Shopping aside, the streets were just fun to wander because they were so colorful. I stopped a few times to take pictures of the brightly contrasted buildings. I also posed for a photo with a woman in traditional dress and fruit basket.

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Mid road trip mud bath.

The moment of truth today would be if I was able to get my reserved car for the drive from Santa Marta to Cartagena. After a tasty breakfast, we hurried to the car rental at the airport. As it generally does, everything worked out. I started off driving a little nervous and wobbly, but eventually fell into my groove. The drive went by quickly because of all the new things to look at (and because you had to pay attention to passing cars and motorbikes). We drove through a small coastal town, lots of toll-booths, passed many people selling things at traffic stops and eventually stopped for lunch and a small no frills restaurant. It was the type of place with plastic Coca-Cola branded tables/chairs and a straightforward menu (chicken, beef or steak). We did our best to order and ended up getting most of the things we thought we ordered. The one exception was my soup, which I ate despite a big bone with meat hanging off it floating inside. They laughed at us when we ordered a coffee at 2pm in the afternoon, but I explained we were tired from driving! The woman working there was super sweet and it made my day when I saw her face light up with the tip. We also had free entertainment by watching her little girls playing hide and seek.

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On top of the world and inside of a hut.

I was happy to sleep in this morning, and by that I mean I got up at 7:30am, made a coffee and read on the terrace. I skipped breakfast to save room for cake at the Coffee Farm later, but had a few bites of Ryan’s delicious fruit oatmeal. We quickly packed (sadly we are leaving the hostel today) and then walked down to La Victoria Finca, a coffee farm affiliated with the hostel.


The hike was steep and hot, but we got there in about 15 minutes. I had banana bread with chocolate sauce and Ryan had coffee cake as we sipped their coffee. Next, we took a 45 minute tour of the farm. Although I’ve toured several coffee farms by now, they each have something different to offer. I liked this one because it was pretty big, and while it was old, it was running smoothly because it was built with quality.


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There’s no wifi in the forest, but you’ll find a better connection.

I’m glad we went to bed when we did because we woke up at 7am for yoga. The yoga was a great way to start off the New Year. It was slow paced and focused on connecting with the earth. The class lasted about an hour and half so we had breakfast right after and then headed out for our hike to a waterfall. It was myself, Ryan and five Finlanders. Our guide didn’t speak much English but we were still able to understand some of the things he was pointing out, or one of the gals from Finland (Inka) helped translate. The walk was fun because it was through terrain that was unique to me. Trails that were lined with coffee trees, bamboo and alongside flowing water (man-made irrigation).

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Minca, a mountain oasis and saying goodbye to 2018.

I had heard many good things about an area in the Sierra mountains called Minca and was eager to see it for myself. After a leisurely morning of packing, stopping at a super market and grabbing a bite to eat at a great spot called Lola where we had a cocktail and a chorizo arepa, Ryan and I took a jeep there.

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

We had to take a jeep because apparently most taxis without 4-wheel drive won’t make it up the roads. I now understand why! While I didn’t get motion sickness at all, I did get a sort of rug burn from the constant sliding back and forth or up and down against the seat of the car. The bumps and holes in the roads were significant and the driver had to work hard to avoid them. I became jealous of people like Ryan who can read without getting sick.

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A National Park worth risking it for.

I had chosen Santa Marta because it was the closest city to Tayrona Natural Park, a National Park that was a beautiful hike through the jungle to the coast. I had planned on doing it on Sunday since we had a full day. However, I learned the night before that all of the entrance tickets for tourists were sold out. I was disappointed, but felt better when we discovered there was another beach nearby worth visiting. Despite that discovery, I still thought there might be a chance they save some tickets at the door.

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Good things are worth repeating, Palm Valley part 2.

I was so impressed with the Palms yesterday that I wanted to go back again, even though my legs were begging me not to. I figured this time I would do the short hike, and take it slowly. It was nice to head to the jeeps and know what I was doing, and then to get there and know exactly where the trail was. Even though I was doing the exact same thing as yesterday, the experience was different.

I enjoyed my slow pace, and I also enjoyed the quiet, I was the only one out there. Eventually I did put my earbuds in to give me some energy as I began up hill. This time, I turned around at the viewpoint and headed down directly through the palms. This view was so much prettier and reinsured my choice to come back. I sat at the base of a palm and just relaxed for a bit until a dog came running up and startled me. A few others followed and after a quick chat with a few of them I continued my descent. I’ve learned during hiking that sometimes you have to stop and look behind you because that can often be the best view. I treated myself to an Oblea (a thin crispy waffle with caramel, sweet milk and usually cheese but I opted for no cheese). I was the only one headed back to Salento so I was able to sit in the front seat, which was so much more enjoyable. The tires remained inflated too.


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